Corporate Philosophy

Reaching The World

We founded Blanc Vert Inc. to bring “The real McCoy” to the world. “The real McCoy” here includes publication and various contents. We work together with creators, artists, artisans, enterprise and consumers.

The world including Japan is an unbounded mine of brilliance. However, not all the brilliant talent is subject to be found by good producer.

It’s our mission to bridge any borders for those as-yet-unknown. From trust-worthy and over-arching services to best-quality products, we provide one-stop services to make the world closer to you.

Our Business

Blanc Vert Media

As a digital book publisher, we deliver to the world “Stories” and “Intelligence” of superior quality from Japan

We are a unparalleled ebook publisher leveraging the extensive network of the know-how in publication management, translation service, export consulting.
Our publication ranges from entertainment publications including literary work, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, comedy, teens & young adult fiction, m/m romance and historical romance to hobbies and educational books in any language and genre.
We deliver from Japan quality “Stories” and “Intelligence” to the world, a delight to your brain and inspiration to your heart.

For exsample ≫

Publication Management

Management service for writers and artists, Publication Planning

For professional writers and artists, we provide all-in-one services, which include copyright management, consulting, schedule management, contractual negotiation and promotion. We also produce contents as literary work, scenarios and the like, and design graphical contents.
In close co-operation with our localization service section, translation of contents and distribution overseas are also available.
You can make advertising novelty and character goods with our manufacturing section.


Website, document&else

Company’s website is like its face for potential customers and clients. Information of your company is conveyed through words and phrases on the page. It’s often difficult for you to make sure that the translated words are suitable and all in all proportionate.
As a solution for this inevasible problem, we provide our caring clients of detailed explanation of the expressions we chose.

Product Export Consulting

Exporting “Made in JAPAN” products and contents

Many producers of products and contents are the best at making things but not quite at selling those great things. Our trade and branding experts are ready to help you get a smooth access to the global market. We provide not an average consulting but over-arching support of global sales based on its cultural background of the market.

Planning and Manufacturing Novelty Goods

Manufacturing Character Goods, Original Novelties and Promotional Goods

We can find character goods and novelty products everywhere these days. By nature of the things, distinct characteristic and product quality matter more than anything.
With our trusted suppler in Japan and abroad, Blanc Vert Inc. provide you of one-stop service from planning to follow-through service in compliance with your request upon delivery period and other conditions.
From limited premium items to mass-marketed promotion, from individual artist or family to business enterprise, from small wedding gift to company anniversary gift, we can help you make your own regardless of its quantity.